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Container/Component Asset Definitions

Container/Container Asset: A container is an asset with relationships established to other assets so the cost and condition of the grouping of assets are reflected as a complete unit.

Component/Component Asset: An asset with a defined relationship to a container asset. The cost and condition of the component are applied to the container asset.

Container Condition Index (CCI): A weighted average of a container asset's Estimated OCI, and the average CCIs of its components.

Container Condition Rating (CCR): A descriptive word for the asset condition that corresponds to the numeric CCI value.

Container Cost: Container total cost is the sum of the container cost and the cost of each component asset. Costs applied to the component asset remain with the container asset, even if the component is moved to another container. Costs applied to the component asset before it is attached to a container are not included in the container total cost.

Asset Connection: The relationship of the component to the container. Some assets may have multiple asset connections that could be selected when connecting the component asset to the container. For instance, a pipe may be an upstream or downstream pipe to the sewer main. When connecting the pipe to the sewer main container, you will be prompted to select the appropriate asset connection.