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Cartegraph Campus

Container/Component Assets vs. Linked Assets

Cartegraph’s relationship functionality adds another layer to manage assets and asset data. Assets can be both linked and a component. Standard asset connections are supported by Cartegraph. Cartegraph allows you to create relationships between assets using two different methods:


Linked relationships are recommended for assets that work together in the same network — such as storm, sewer, and water. When entered into a linked relationship, network assets display together on the same map, giving you an accurate understanding of where and how different assets in the network are connected.

Here’s how a linked relationship might be applied to a sewer network:

  • Sewer Manhole records are linked to their corresponding Sewer Mains.
  • Sewer Lateral records are also linked to their corresponding Sewer Mains.
  • If your network contains Sewer Force Mains, those assets can be linked to the corresponding Sewer Manholes, too.

Now when you access the detail of an individual sewer network asset you also have access to information about the assets linked to it.


For example, University Park is the container and the assets inside the park, such as play structures, slides, swings, picnic tables, benches, courts, and pavilions are all component assets. With a container/component relationship, containers can also be connected to a different asset type.

For example, a play bridge is a component asset that is connected to a particular play structure. The play structure is a component asset itself and is contained in the park.

Here’s how a container/component relationship might be applied to a public park:

  1. Records of individual park components—such as picnic tables—are related to their containing asset, University Park.
  2. If University Park contains other types of furniture—such as benches—those components can also be connected to the University Park container.
  3. The same connections can be created between University Park and any other component assets that reside and require management in it.
  • Play equipment
  • Trees
  • Benches