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Container Asset Detail View

The Container asset Overview header in the Detail view has more features than assets without a container/component relationship.

The Detail view has three tabs:

  • Summary
  • Components
  • Asset Detail

The Summary tab includes four tabs for:

  • Container Overview metrics
  • Request metrics and Request list
  • Task metrics and Task list
  • Asset metrics and contained assets list

If you have altered the minimum index or the names of your container or components in the overall ratings library, the minimum index of the container is used to group the assets into the appropriate rating group.

The Components tab includes the Layers and Tree tabs:

  • The Layers tab displays all the component assets, their asset count, and layer color.
  • The Tree tab displays a tree view of all the :
  • If an asset is connected to more than one container it displays only the first occurrence
  • Nonlocation assets selected from the tree or list are synchronized, but the map doesn't change
  • From the list highlighting the row causes the asset to highlight in the Tree view. If more than one asset is selected in the List view, the most recently selected is highlighted in the Tree tab
  • If you select multiple assets on the map nothing is highlighted in the Tree view
  • Changes like layer filtering or List view changes do not affect the Tree view
  • Selections are in-session persisted.
  • Click iRename_sm.png to edit the connections.

The Asset Detail tab displays the same information for all Assets in the Detail view. For example, location information, relevant dates, OCI, and total cost.