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Create an Asset That Is Both a Component and Linked Example

Based on the relationships created in your system, an asset type may be defined as a component of one asset type and as a linked asset to another asset type.

In this example, Electrical Generator 198 is created and added as a component to Facility 509. Electrical Generators are also linked to Signs. Electrical Generator 198 is linked to Sign 320. Electrical Generators were established as a component to Facility and a linked asset to Signs in Structure Manager.

  1. Click the Assets tab.
  2. In the List view, select Facility 509 and click View.
  3. Click the Component tab.
  4. From the Breadcrumb bar, click Create and select Electrical Generator.

When creating an asset from the Components tab, the Create menu is filtered down to only the assets that can be connected to the container, in this case, the Facility.

  1. Add the Electrical Generator location and click Next.

The location of the container asset, Facility 509, displays in the map to assist in the placement of the location of Electrical Generator 198.

  1. From the Creating Linked Assets screen, link to Sign 320 by selecting the asset in the map and selecting the Link Asset icon and click Next.
  2. Add details for the Electrical Generator. Set the Electrical Generator ID as 198.
  3. Click Finish & Save.

The Electrical Generator 198 now displays as a component of Facility 509 and as a linked asset with Sign 320.