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About Facility Maintenance Management


Use Cartegraph’s Facility Maintenance Management solution to effectively care for and sustain the buildings and structures in your infrastructure and public spaces, and those that house your own operations.

Container/Component Relationships

See the cost and condition of a facility’s diverse assets reflected as a unit. HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and more. Designate the facility as your container and create individual connections to the component assets that reside within it.

  • Tree View—Easily see how component assets are related to the facility and to each other.
  • Detail View—A real-time summary of the facility’s assets and the work done against them, overall condition rating, and total cost of maintenance and ownership. Attach schematics and floor plans to make facility records even more useful and accurate.

Container Condition Index (CCI)

Using key performance indicators, such as the cost and frequency of maintenance activities, Cartegraph helps you calculate and rate a facility’s overall condition.

Preventative Maintenance

Create facility maintenance schedules, implement recurring maintenance tasks, gauge asset performance, and proactively plan for repairs.


Internal and external. Open and closed. The Requests summary gives you a complete and organized understanding of all requests pertaining to individual facilities.

Task Management

Effectively manage the work performed against any facility and/or it’s component assets. Understand the work performed and how often. See the cost total of every activity performed — labor, equipment, materials, and more.

  • When maintaining a particular facility or component asset, easily see if, and what, future tasks are planned, and make better, more proactive decisions when performing their work.
  • Built-in notifications inform users of tasks in progress and those that need to be prioritized for completion.