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Advanced Inspections Features

Inspections are the key to understanding the condition of your assets and becoming proactive about maintaining them. Cartegraph’s Advanced Inspection tools give organizations more control, more flexibility, and more precision.

Condition Category Library

Sometimes a 5-star rating system doesn’t quite fit your inspection needs. With Cartegraph’s Condition Category Library, you have options. Use the stars when appropriate. Otherwise, enter an index rating, a number, an exact quantity, or select a value from a defined list. This flexibility allows for more precise inspections and more accurate condition ratings.

Index Mapping

You can also control what those ratings mean. With Advanced Inspections, administrators can adjust settings based on what’s appropriate for the asset and measurement type.

Condition Details

Certain inspections require more information. Create additional data fields and record the condition details for each condition category to justify how the inspection value was determined.

Performance Curves

With Advanced Inspections, you can establish performance curves and the impacts activities have on your assets. Clearly see and understand the life remaining on any given asset.   

Complete Workflow Management

It’s common to uncover additional work during an inspection. The Create Task button on Cartegraph’s inspection screen allows you to create a task and assign it—without closing out of your current inspection.


Nearly all inspections are completed in the field. That’s why we’ve built Advanced Inspections to be completely mobile-friendly. Conduct a detailed inspection from anywhere—capturing valuable data for better decision-making down the road.

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