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Inspection and Condition Setup Overview

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  1. Set up Condition Categories and assign a weight to each condition category.

    Condition categories are the asset’s characteristics observed during inspections and used to estimate asset deterioration. Or the parts and features of the asset that affect the condition of the asset.

    The weight indicates the effect of the condition category in the OCI. Your organization probably thinks the condition of the Support Condition is the most important characteristic of the asset, and Color the least. Assign the weights as 10, 5, and 1 or 60, 30, and 15. You determine the scale.

    Learn more About Condition Categories.

With the Advanced Asset Extension, additional Condition Category Types and Condition Details can be defined.

The following steps are only available with the Advanced Asset Extension.

  1. Setup Impacts for condition categories by selecting activities and defining their impact.

    An asset's condition is affected by the activities performed on it. By adding impacts for those activities, the asset's estimated condition will properly reflect the work completed on the asset.

    Learn more About the Activity Impact on Asset Condition.
  2. Setup Prediction Groups with individual curves for each condition category.

    The Performance library contains deterioration data used to predict the asset’s OCI and remaining life. Prediction groups are a family of assets that deteriorate in similar ways and are affected by condition categories in the same way.

    Learn more About Prediction Groups.
  3. Setup Condition Groups.

    After setting up individual curves, review the OCI performance curve for each prediction group to understand asset deterioration. Use that information to determine minimum acceptable conditions and setup Condition Groups.

    The Minimum Condition establishes the point an asset is considered below the minimum acceptable condition—or failure point for a group of similar assets.

    Learn more About Condition Groups.
  4. Verify the asset records have Installed date or Replaced date, Prediction Group, and Condition Group to ensure Estimated OCI can be calculated.

    The Installed Date or Replaced Date is populated on an asset when an Install or Replace task is completed for the asset.

    The Prediction Group and Condition Group are populated on an asset based on the filters defined for Prediction and Condition Groups. Verify data in the Prediction Group and Condition Group filters are populated in the asset records so the correct groups are associated to the record.

    Learn more about Estimated OCI Calculations.