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About Pavement Samples

A pavement sample is part of a pavement segment. A pavement segment is a contiguous pavement area having uniform construction, maintenance, usage history, and condition. A pavement segment could have the same traffic volume and load intensity.

Cartegraph uses the following pavement sample types: additional, random, and Army Corps of Engineers.


A sample unit inspected in addition to the random sample units to include non-representative sample units in the determination of the pavement condition. This includes very poor or excellent samples that are not typical of the sample unit, which contains an unusual distress such as a utility cut.


A sample unit of the pavement section selected for inspection by random sampling techniques, such as a random number table or systematic ransom procedure.

Army Corps of Engineers

A sample unit of the pavement selected for inspection that is divided by the total pavement section. The inspection method is based on a visual survey of the number and types of distresses in a pavement.