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Create the Linked Asset Relationship Example

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Guard Rails are often installed on your organization's Pavement assets and multiple Guard Rail assets can be installed on one Pavement asset.

Guard Rails do not affect the Pavement asset's OCI so you create a Linked Asset relationship between them.

  1. Click 2018-04-17_0919.png>Structure Manager.
  2. Select Guard Rails in the Structure view. This becomes the child recordset.
  3. Click Create>Field.
  4. Select Lookup as the Field Type and click Done.
  5. Set the Field Name to Pavement. Pavement becomes the parent recordset
  6. The Column Name automatically populates to Pavement.
  7. In the Lookup Source section, click SelectLookupButton.png>Pavement.
  8. Click Done. The Unique Field populates to ID.
  9. Click Save
  10. Select Guard Rails again.
  11. Click Create>Relationship.
  12. Select Pavement and click Next.
  13. The Lookup defaults to Pavement.
  14. The Plural Name, Singular Name, and ID default.
  15. Select the Linkable asset relationship option.
  16. Click Finish & Save.
  17. Click Publish.