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Asset Summary Report

The report displays summary level details about selected assets, including activity in the last 30 days, up to the five most common activities and their average costs.

Use this report to review an asset’s activities and condition.

The report also includes:

  • Asset Location.
  • The Cost to Date, the sum of all the tasks associated with this asset.
  • The asset’s OCI and OCR.
  • The Most Common activities and the average cost for the activity. The most common activity is determined by grouping first by Asset ID and then by Activity, counting each activity type, and adding all the totals and calculating the average.
  • Relevant Dates Install, Replaced, and Last Inspected On.

The Pagebreak Condition is set to True in the Properties for the Asset Table.

Run this report from the Detail or List view to report on the selected asset records. From the Report view, the report displays all the records for the selected asset type.