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Cartegraph Campus

Cartegraph One Inspection Dates, Inspection, and Status


Inspection Date defaults to either Today, Task's Start Date Actual, or Task's Stop Date Actual:

  • If none of the above are true, the Inspection Date defaults to Today
  • Otherwise, the Inspection Date defaults to Today 


All condition category types, including those created with the additional inspection type add-on display and are editable.

PCI inspections cannot be performed in Cartegraph One. 

Not Inspected 

When saving the inspection, all condition categories without a value are marked Not Inspected. 


When completing the inspection, you are warned if there are any condition categories marked Not Inspected to make sure this is how what you meant to do.

Complete Status

On the Task detail screen, if the inspection is marked completed, this image iInspectionCGOne.png displays.