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Offline Mode in Cartegraph One

This feature provides an option to turn the Online mode on or off. When this option is turned off, you are working in Offline mode. To take Cartegraph One offline, open the Main menu and turn the Online option off.

To go offline, you must upload an offline map area to Cartegraph in Map Administration. Once this is done, you will be able to use that offline map area in Cartegraph One. The offline map only needs to be downloaded to your device once. You can download the offline map before you go offline or while you go offline the first time.

  • To download the map before going offline, open the Main menu and tap Settings. Click Download for the Offline Map setting. Click Download to download the map. You must be signed in to download a map.
  • To download the map while you go offline the first time, click the Online option off. A dialog box displays, asking you to download a map. Click Download to continue. Once the map is downloaded, click Next.
  • Zoom and pan the map to the area that contains the task and asset data to use while offline. Click Next. Once all the data is downloaded to the device to use offline, click Done.

To download task and asset data for offline use, make sure the layers you want to take offline are selected in Cartegraph One while online. If there are too many records to download, reduce the number of records by adjusting the Layer filters in OMS or by turning off layers in Cartegraph One. When adjusting the layer filters, make sure to sign out of the app and sign in to ensure those changes are reflected in the app.

To update the map, open the Main menu and tap Settings. The Offline Map setting shows when the map was last downloaded in the app and has an Update button that allows you to download an updated map.  You must be signed in to update the map.

While working offline:

  • While offline, any new or edited Task and Asset records are added to a temporary layer called New/Edited Tasks or New/Edited Assets. These layers can only be viewed when in Offline mode. When Cartegraph One returns to Online mode, the records sync to the layers whose filters they match, and the temporary layers are removed.  
  • If a Task belonged to one or more layers when you went offline, editing that Task will remove it from those layers and add it to the New/Edited Tasks layer.
  • Only one New/Edited layer is added for each Asset Type. When a temporary layer is added for an Asset Type, it is added to the top of the Asset section in the Layers list. If an asset belonged to one or more layers at the time you went offline, editing that asset removes it from those layers and adds it to the New/Edited [AssetType] layer.

When the app has been offline and returns to Online mode, keep in mind these things:

  • When you return to Online mode, you must sign in.
  • If any errors are found a message displays along with a chance to share the error log. The records with errors don't sync and when you are back online the errors are overwritten. Cartegraph recommends sharing the error log to have the changes made from the desktop.
  • Entered by, Entry Date, Last Modified By, and Last Modified Dates are not updated until you go back online, and the dates and times are based on the time when you were online, not when the work was done.
  • OCI calculations update when you go back online.