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Cartegraph Campus

Cartegraph One: Task Assignments

Cartegraph One lets you create, edit, and delete Task Assignments from a Task Detail page. You can select a labor crew or individual laborers. Select the checkmark for those you want to assign to the task. When a labor crew is selected, all the labor crew members will be assigned to the task.

Tap on a name of Assigned Labor screen to remove the person from the task.

  • Tap on the labor crew or the laborer's full name, or enter the laborer's full name at the top of the Task Assignments page to find that laborer in the list.
  • The Assignments are not saved until Save is tapped on the Task Detail page.
  • The Assigned To field displays wherever the Task Assignments list is in the Task.
  • If the Tasks/Assignments list does not exist in the Create or Detail views, it displays at the end of the fields.
  • By default, the user who created the Task is Assigned the task.
  • The count on the Assigned To field shows the number of laborers assigned to the Task. If the user viewing the task is part of the task, "You" displays before the count.