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About Cartegraph for iPad Offline Mode

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at

Cartegraph for iPad has the ability to work in an Offline mode when there is no Internet connection available. Some of the Cartegraph for iPad's features are not available in Offline mode:

Feature Differences in Offline Mode

  • No Map features or spatial data
  • No Attachments
  • Tasks
    • Only the user's Tasks are downloaded (this is equivalent to the All My Tasks filtered Task list)
    • List screen
      • No Live Tasks filter
      • No Proximity sort
      • No Routing
      • Tasks created offline will appear in the list as long as the Task has a status of In Progress or Planned
    • Detail screen
      • No convert Non-Asset Task to Asset Task or change Asset associated to Task
      • No Inspection creation after going into Offline mode
      • Resources
        • No Material Location filtering
      • Asset summary popover
        • No Total Cost
        • No Open Task Count
  • Assets
    • Only Assets associated to the user's Tasks are downloaded
    • No List screen (Assets are viewable by going through the Task detail screen of the associated Task)
    • No creating or editing Asset data
    • Detail screen
      • No Exchange Asset
      • No Total Cost
  • Inspections
    • No PCI Pavement/Pavement Area Inspections
    • Viewable Number and Quantity Condition Category index calculations (will be calculated when going Online)
    • No Asset Condition calculations updating
  • No Requests
    • No viewing, creating, or editing Request data
  • No flexible shared recordset child grid data
  • No Library Filters

Use Offline Mode

The Offline mode is useful for when the app will be used in circumstances where there is unreliable Internet access. Where there is reliable Internet access, remaining in Online mode will continue to provide the best experience. In Offline mode, users can download the data they need to work without an Internet connection, record their changes as they typically would while Online, and go back into Online mode to save their changes to the OMS server.

Go Offline

When going between the Online and Offline modes, the iPad must have a reliable Internet connection. Tap the Online switch on any of the list screens to go into Offline mode. Data required for Offline mode downloads. Once the download completes and the user continues, the Online switch changes to Offline.

At this point, it is safe for the Cartegraph for iPad app to run without an Internet connection. The app can safely be closed and the iPad turned off and changes that were made in Offline mode remain persisted on the iPad. Also, while the app is in Offline mode, the app does not get the latest changes from the Cartegraph server nor save the changes made on the iPad to the Cartegraph server. The app needs to return to Online mode to sync the changes.

If there were errors in the process of going Offline, the error dialog box has an iOS share icon in order to e-mail, message, or save a copy of the error messages.

Go Online

When going between the Online and Offline modes, the iPad should have a reliable Internet connection. After changes have been made and it is time to go back to Online mode to save the user's changes to the OMS server, tap the Offline switch on the Task list screen, enter the user's credentials to sign in, and then the changes while in Offline mode will attempt to save on the OMS server. When the process is complete and the user continues, the Offline switch will change to Online and the user will then be back in Online mode. It is important to note that users cannot return online while the system is locked for maintenance.

If there are errors when going back to Online mode, the records that were able to save successfully persisted to the Cartegraph server while the records that have failed do not. Currently, there is not a way to remain Offline, make corrections, and attempt to go Online again. The error dialog box has an iOS share icon in order to e-mail, message, or save a copy of the error messages.