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PCI Inspections on the Tablet

 This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at

This feature is not available in offline mode.

  1. From the Task list, tap a Pavement or Pavement Area Inspect task.
  2. On the Task Detail view, tap Start Inspection.
  3. Make sure the inspection date is correct.
  4. Tap Inspected By and select the inspector's name.
  5. From the PCI Condition Category, tap PCI Start.
  6. Tap Use the entire Segment as a Single SampleUser Previous Samples, or Generate Army Corps of Engineers Samples.
  7. Add a sample.
  8. Tap a sample to inspect.
  9. If the sample does not have any distresses, tap the No Distresses Found check box.
  10. Select a Distress.
  11. Enter the Extent.
  12. Tap on the image that corresponds to the distress severity.
  13. Tap on the camera button to add a photo of the sample using the iPad camera or select an existing photo.
  14. Add as many as distresses that apply.
  15. Inspect the remaining samples by tapping Samples to go back to the Samples screen and select another sample to inspect, or swipe to go to the next sample.
  16. After all samples are inspected, tap Done.
  17. Tap Save.
  18. If the inspection is complete, tap Complete.