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Cartegraph Campus

Benefits of Cartegraph's Conversion Model

Reduce Risk

By placing the initial conversion data into a test environment you can continue to operate existing production systems without interruption and can review, validate, and correct the conversion in a no threat environment.

Reduce Downtime

By utilizing our test-production conversion model, your overall system’s downtime is reduced. Data mapping, conversion programming, and test data conversion and validation all occur while you operate your production systems, reducing the time it takes to transfer data and run the production conversion process.

Training and Construction

Our two-step, test-production conversion model also provides you a safe environment for the construction and tailoring of end-user views, filters, and reports and their surrounding processes and procedures. Standard naming conventions and libraries for areas such as labor, equipment, and materials can also be constructed in this environment. Once the construction and tailoring phase is complete, you can provide end-user training, in a no-threat, no-risk environment.

Reduce Project Duration

Within the test conversion environment, many of the tasks mentioned above—such as data validation, systems construction and tailoring, processes and procedures creation, and entry of startup library data—can often be performed, tested, and tuned simultaneously.