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Cartegraph Campus

After Implementation, Our Team Is Here for You

Cartegraph provides a variety of postdeployment support engagements for its customers. These engagements may be reactive and/or proactive in nature and take a partner-based approach with customers.

Technical Support 

Cartegraph provides technical support on Cartegraph products. Technical support troubleshoots and provides resolution for Cartegraph software related issues. Technical support is available from 7 am to 7 pm CST and is accessible via phone, live chat, a submission form, and email channels. Support includes three levels of technical experts as well as a channel to Cartegraph's software engineer team for in-depth assessment of any technical issues:

  • Level 1 is for issues that can be resolved live or with a quick return call or email.
  • Level 2 is for issues that require additional investigation.
  • Level 3 is for issues that require escalation to Cartegraph technical consultants and/or software engineers.

Our standard support resolution guidelines include:

  • 70% of all issues solved within one business day
  • Other guidelines listed below:
  Severity Level High Severity Level Normal Severity Level Low
Situation System down or other dire situation Important issue but major system functions operational; system is not down Minor issue but major system functions operational; system is not down
Initial contact Direct voice connect or response within 6 hours Direct voice connect or within 1 business day response Direct voice connect or next business day response
Follow-up Within 12 hours Within 48 hours Within 5 business days
Resolution 85% of cases resolved within 24 hours 80% of cases resolved within 5 business days 95% of cases resolved within 14 business days.

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Customer Success Managers and Account Managers

Cartegraph customers benefit from both proactive and reactive engagement from the customer success and account management teams. The CS team provides best practice consultations, high-level system reviews, and analysis of system usage and overall health of customer software engagement. Customer success managers are also available to develop and support long-term road maps for each customer’s unique journey. The road map can include articulated goals and tactical action items needed to maintain progress and achieve goals, so customers receive maximum return on investment. In addition to these direct benefits, customer success managers are also able to provide community-level support through internal customer advocacy and facilitation of regional and national user conference events, which provide valuable customer learning and networking opportunities.

Cartegraph account managers provide an added layer of support. Account managers may provide some of the engagements and consultations referenced above in addition to being the point of contact for any additional software, licensing, expansion, or contracting needs.