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Cartegraph Campus

Cartegraph Engage Implementation Session Outline

Customer Session 1

Welcome Overview (45-60 minutes)
The Welcome session will begin with a brief demonstration of Cartegraph Engage. We will then cover the expectations and topics for the forthcoming training sessions. We will confirm everyone has access to their Engage account. We will also take this opportunity to discuss 3 use cases that the customer would like to see for their guides. Schedule the next customer session at this time.

Action Items:

Customer send any internal documentation/manuals they would like to use for the guide content

Internal Session 1

(60 minutes)

This session is an internal call with the Pendo Partner Enablement Manager and Cartegraph Engage implementation team. In this session the Cartegraph team will shadow the PEM working through the use cases and building guides.

Customer Session 2

Review (30 minutes)

The goal of this call is to solidify the initial use cases. We will review the built guides and gather feedback from the customers. Live changes can be made if they’re small. Schedule third call to begin training the customer.

Internal Session 2

(60 minutes)

This is another opportunity to familiarize yourself with some of the workflows with guide creation. It may also be an opportunity to try it yourself with the Pendo Enablement Manager there to guide you. You may also want to discuss how to use Guide Metrics to coach the customer on the impact or efficacy of their initial guides.

Customer Session 3

Training 1 (60-90 minutes)

This session will be a training session. We will cover the major topics of analytics and guide creation. We will set homework for the customer and review on the final call.

Customer Session 4

Training 2 and Q&A (30 minutes)

This session will review the homework and have time for Q&A. Schedule follow-up cadence with customers if applicable.