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Cartegraph Technical Support: Options, Convenience, and Excellent Service

Technical Support can be a dreaded call, but it doesn’t have to.  At Cartegraph we provide a dedicated team of professionals to answer your call the first time through, not the tenth.  We pride ourselves as a friendly support group and, if you call on any regular basis, you’ll likely get to know the support staff by name, making it that much easier for you to communicate questions and concerns.

Submit a Case

Pop open the form, fill in the details of your issue, click Submit, and shortly after you will hear back from one of our knowledgeable reps. Whether it's a quick question about sharing a layer or you need help figuring out how to set a filter on an automation, let us know and we'll work with you to get it solved.

Tried live chat, yet?

Not big on calling for support?  Just have a quick question?  We have an answer to that too.  This year we’ve added live chat support to Cartegraph OMS.  Whether working through a tricky filter or just needing a quick refresher on how this-or-that function works, live chat is a great way to get answers fast.  Did I mention it’s integrated into OMS?  With live chat you don’t have to shuffle between windows and browsers, your chat screen appears right within the Cartegraph environment.

Email support, too.

How about email? No matter your request, when you email Cartegraph we get back to you — quickly.  Whether you want to upgrade or you’re just looking for that document on how GIS connections work, a technician will be assigned to your inquiry almost immediately.  Not only will you get the timely, dedicated service you deserve, but you’ll also get it from a seasoned Cartegraph technician who will work with you until the problem or question is resolved to your satisfaction. 

Did I mention Remote Support?

To supplement our support methods mentioned above, we also have remote support.  Remote support enables Cartegraph professionals to resolve issues by accessing your computer screen. It’s like having a teacher inside your computer to show you what that “little yellow button” in the corner does, or help you run that report cost field that’s been causing you trouble. Remote support is also a great tool for breaking down jargon barriers. You may say “to-may-toe,” and I may say “to-mah-toe.” But remote support enables us to cast our verbal differences aside and concentrate on fixing the problem that the round red vegetable is causing.

No matter your preferred communication method, we have you covered.  

We understand that our customers work differently and communicate in different ways, which is why we have such a variety of tools to work with. No matter your question, issue, or concern we are here to lend an ear and help you along the way. 

Here's how we prioritize cases

Situation System down or other dire situation Important issue but major system functions operational, system is not down Minor issue but major system functions operational, system is not down
Initial contact Direct Voice Connect or response within 6 hours Direct Voice Connect or within 1 business day response Direct Voice Connect or next business day response
Follow-up Within 12 hours Within 48 hours Within 5 business days
Resolution 85% of cases resolved within 24 hours 80% of cases resolved within 3-5 business days 95% of cases resolved within 14 business days

So what are you waiting for? 

Call, chat, submit a case, or email—whichever support method you choose, you can be confident that someone will be on the other end and ready to help.  We’re available from 7 am to 7 pm CT, Monday through Friday, so no matter where you’re located, you’ll be able to get support when you need it. And once we’ve solved your problem, be sure to complete our brief Technical Support survey.  Your feedback tells us how we’re doing and what we could be doing better. Click here to see all the options. Quick access is always available from the Profile menu too.