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Cartegraph for Zapier Example: Send an Email to Those Without a Cartegraph Account

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This example shows how to connect Cartegraph OMS to an email message using Cartegraph for Zapier. In this example, we send an email message when a task is created in Cartegraph to a specified contractor who does not have a Cartegraph account.

Cartegraph Structure Changes

Create a library for Contractors:

  1. In Structure Manager, create a Contractor Email field on the Tasks recordset.
  2. Click Publish.
  3. In Layout Manager, add the Contractor Email field to the Task Setup section, in the Task Detail layout so it is visible when creating a task.

Create Cartegraph and SMS Connection

Now we will create the connection to Cartegraph and SMS by Zapier using Zapier.

  1. Go to and set up a free account or access your existing account.
  2. Click Make a Zap.
  3. Enter a Name for your zap such as "Send email to Contractor."
  4. In the App Event, start to type Cartegraph in the search apps field and select Cartegraph.
  5. Select Record Event Occurred for the Trigger Event and click Continue.
  6. Select an account to use or create a new account. This includes the URL to the Cartegraph site and a user name and password.
  7. Once the account is created and select to use for the Zap, select Continue.

Set Up the Trigger

The next step is to set up the trigger.

  1. Select Work for Record Category.
  2. Select Task for Record Type.
    zap set up the trigger.png

Set Up Automation in Cartegraph

Next, set up the Automation that appears in Cartegraph Automation Manager including the trigger event type.

  1. Select After Create for the event type.
  2. Type the automation name such as "Send Email to Contractor."
  3. Click Continue.
    zap set up automation contractor email.png
  4. Click Test trigger to perform a test in Cartegraph to verify everything is set up correctly.
  5. Once the test is run, a success message displays that a record was found.
  6. Click Continue.
    zap test trigger contractor email.png
  7. Click the + icon to add another action step.
  8. In the App Event, select Microsoft Office 365. If it does not display, search for it.
  9. Select Send Email for Action Event.
  10. Click Continue.
    zap send email in MS 365.png
  11. Select the Microsoft Office 365 account to use. Once the account is selected, click Continue.
    zap create event MS 365.png
    zap create event MS 365_2.png

Set Up the Action

  1. Select the 1. Contractor Email for To Email(s).
  2. For Subject, enter the New Work Created:, Select 1. Address Number and 1. Street.
  3. For Body, type Task ID:, select 1. Task ID:, and click Enter.
  4. Enter Activity:, select 1. Activity: and click Enter.
  5. Enter Estimated Start:, select 1. Estimated Start Date:, and click Enter.
  6. Enter Notes, select 1. Notes:, and click Enter.
    zap set up action contractor email.png
    zap set up action contractor email2.png
  7. Click Continue. Then click Test & Continue.
  8. Once the test is successful, click Turn on Zap.

An automation is created in Automation with the name entered earlier. Edit the automation and set a filter to only run when the contractor field is filled in.
zap send email to contractor result.png

Whenever you create a Task and fill in a contractor email, an email will be sent to the contractor notifying him or her that new work was created.