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What you need to know about the Innovyze InfoMaster Integration

Innovyze offers a product called InfoMaster that integrates with Cartegraph. InfoMaster is a value-add for a segment of customers in the water and wastewater verticals looking for more advanced, domain-specific predictive analytics.

What is InfoMaster?

InfoMaster is an ArcGIS-based software designed for water and wastewater networks. It uses state-of-the-art mathematical models and scientific formulas to predict when a water or sewer pipe will fail.

Why do we have this integration?

Scenario Builder fulfills the predictive analytics needs of most Cartegraph users for most assets. But there are some advanced utility organizations that need sophisticated engineering models for pipe failure and deterioration modeling. InfoMaster provides those clients domain-specific depth, but it doesn’t complete the entire solution. It needs Cartegraph to turn its results into action. Cartegraph does not have plans to develop our own product to the depths of InfoMaster, so we’ve chosen to strategically partner with the industry leader in this space.

How does the integration work?

InfoMaster utilizes Cartegraph’s API to gather input data such as asset attributes, task history, and condition results. It uses that data and runs various mathematical models to calculate the risk of the pipe failing and determine recommended actions. Through the integration, Tasks are created in Cartegraph for staff to complete the recommended actions based on implemented workflows.

If you have a customer interested in the Innovyze integration, contact Pete Engstrom.