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Discover for REST API

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Cartegraph's API is a licensed product that requires a purchase and verified ownership before production use.

  • Purpose: Displays top level recordset information for the following categories Library, Asset, Resource, Request, and Work. Results are sorted alphabetically by singular name within each grouping. If users wish to get more detailed information for a particular class see Metadata.
  • HTTP Method: GET
  • URL:

Example Requests

Get all of the classes within a type for the entire system.


Example Responses

Collapsed version displaying the grouping types returned:

    Library: [ ... ]
    Asset: [ ... ]
    Resource: [ ... ]
    Request: [ ... ]
    Work: [ ... ]

Example showing Library collapsed and a subset of Asset class information:

    Library: [ ... ]
    Asset: [
        SingularName: "Bridge"
        PluralName: "Bridges"
        ClassName: "cgBridgesClass"
        SingularName: "Site Electrical Utility"
        PluralName: "Site Electrical Utilities"
        ClassName: "cgSiteElectricalUtilitiesClass"

Status Codes Returned and Common Error Messages

  • 200 OK
    • The message body contains a JSON object containing className properties (that correspond to the class names in the URL). The value of each of these properties is the metadata for that respective business object.