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Pavement Current PCI Details Report

The report provides information about the current PCI details of a pavement or pavement area sample:

  • Asset attribute information.
  • Current inspection data information.
  • Current PCI value of the pavement or pavement area.
  • Sample data for the pavement or pavement area.

Use this report to review the current details of the pavement/pavement area samples. The report displays:

  • The samples assigned to the pavement or pavement area.
  • The From and To distance of each sample.
  • The Length and Width of each sample.
  • Distresses recorded to the specific sample.
  • Extent and Severity of each distress that applies to that sample.

Run this report from:

  • Report view for all of pavement or pavement area records.
  • Detail view of the pavement or pavement area record for a specific pavement or pavement area record.
  • Index view to select multiple records to include in the report.

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