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Add List and Detail Report Filter

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at

This help topic applies to reports created using the Advanced Designer.

When creating a report for the Detail or Index Views, a filter is required on the report to narrow down the results to the selected records from the Index screen or the current record displayed in the Detail.

The filter uses a hidden parameter of @cgOIDS, which already exists in the Report Designer.

Add the filter by following these steps in the Report Designer:

  1. From the List view or Detail view, click Reports>Create.
  2. Enter the Type and Name, and click Save.
  3. In the Object Explorer, click the Table in the report Container.
  4. In Properties, find the Data section—Filter, and open the Formula selection.
  5. Expand Report parameters.
  6. Double click @cgOIDS.
  7. In the result area, click in the beginning of the parameter and enter <recordset>.OID=.
  8. Replace <recordset> with the name of the recordset the report is created for. For example, Signs.OID=.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Save.