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Create a Table Report with the Basic Report Designer

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at

Create the report from the location where you want it to display, the Report tab, List view, or Detail view.

Select Recordset and Report Type

  1. Click Create.
  2. Select the Type.
  3. Enter the Report Name.
  4. Select the Use Basic Designer: Table option.
  5. Click Create.

Build the Report in the Basic Designer

  1. Select the Table or recordset for the report.
  2. Click + next to the columns to include in the report. When finished click .
  3. In the General section, edit the title or base table, if needed.
  4. In the Table Columns section if needed:
    • Reorder the columns
    • Add more columns
    • Adjust the size of each column or positioning, using Position Columns.
  5. In the Layout section the options include:
    • Color Scheme
    • Row Coloring
    • Size
    • Orientation
    • Page Number
    • Page Numbering Format
    • Show Date
  6. In the Sorting and Grouping section, both the Group By and Sort By fields are optional.
    1.  Do not use MAP as an element to sort by. An error will display when trying to preview and no data will display when the report is run.

  7. In the Filter section, select a field or fields to group by click .  The setting of a filter is optional.

Test and Run the Report

  1. Click Preview. Review the data and design and made any changes.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Select the new report from either the Reports menu or Reports tab.