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Report Grouping Tips and Tricks

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Sum on a Field in a Group Footer

To do a sum on a field in a group footer to show a sum of labor log hours where the rate was Standard, use an IF statement inside the Sum function to specify the condition under which to Sum the hours.


Group by Task Department

To get one line of data per task department, put a group footer on the report and group by Tasks Department. Then put all the data you want to see into the group footer. For example, copy the data line contents. Then do Count functions and Sum functions on the fields to get summaries of the departmental data. Other scenarios examples include department, issue, activity, and equipment classification. 

Once you have the grouping setup, suppress the data lines so that you only get one line per department. Do so by selecting the table and selecting Table Properties>Line Options>Data Lines>Suppress Data Lines.

Multiple Groups in the Same Line

To add multiple groupings in the same line definition, add multiple groupings into the same line definition for a group header or footer. For example, the syntax would be:

Requests.Department + Requests.Issue

Task Count by Group

If you want to use a sum or count type function in a group header instead of the footer, you need to use the precalc() function. Following is an example of the text string to count the number of tasks in a double grouping of WO# + Activity.

Precalc(Count(Tasks.Task_ID), tasks.work_order + Tasks.Activity)

Text Displays in the Wrong Color

A group header formatted to be Bold, black text might show as blue in a report. To see a custom font color, remove Groupings from the table of contents by setting it to 0.

Display Group Header on Every Page

To display a group header on every page, set the Repeat As Header option to Yes for the Line Definition.