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Reports: Basic Table Example

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To create a table that displays the Task information over a date range, complete the following steps:

Set Recordset and Report Type

  1. From the Reports tab, click Create.
  2. For Type, select Task.
  3. For the Name, enter Tasks for Date Range.
  4. For the Layout, select the Use Basic Designer: Table option.
  5. Click Create.

Build Report in the Basic Designer

  1. Select a Table page; search for and select Tasks.
  2. Add the following columns:
    • Task ID
    • Activity
    • Asset
    • Status
    • Total Cost
  3. Click iReportBack.png .
  4. Expand Table Columns to review the columns and formats for the columns, and Set the Positions to change the width of each column.
  5. Click on Total Cost and set the Display to Currency, the Currency symbol of $, and decimal places to 2.
  6. Select the In table footer option, select Sum, and click iReportBack.png .
  7. Expand Layout. 
  8. For page number, select use default and Page Numbering format to Page 1.
  9. For Show date, select use default.
  10. Expand Sorting and Grouping to group this table by status. 
  11. For Group By, select Status and leave the default value of Status (Ascending).
  12. ClicAdd sort order, select Task ID (Ascending) to sort also by the Task ID, and click iReportBack.png .
  13. Expand Filter and click Add Filter to set up a date range to use for the table.
  14. Select Start Date and click iReportBack.png .
  15. Click Start Date  and make sure Exact Date and Define value range (from/to) are selected.
  16. Click iReportBack.png .
  17. Click Preview to see the table of Tasks. The date filter is not applied in the preview.
  18. Click Save.

Test and Run the Report

  1. In Cartegraph click the Reports tab.
  2. In the Tasks section, click Tasks for Date Range.
  3. Enter a date range and click Apply to see the table of Tasks filtered by a date range.