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Average Completion Time Report

This report calculates the amount of time it takes to complete a request.

Details of the report include:

  • Department
  • Issues
  • Duration

Open Requests are excluded from the report.

To include a Request in the calculation, both its Start and Stop dates must be inside the date range specified.
Time elapsed for Requests uses the Entry Date or Transaction Date and Close Date fields.

Date logic

If both Entry and Close dates are at midnight, the request item is considered all-day, and counts as 24 hours or multiples of 24 hours for multi-day, all-day work items. By default, no attempt is made to subtract morning or evening hours. The definition of a Work Day is 24 hours.

Requests whose entry and close times are backwards or have a negative time span are ignored.

Run this report from the Report screen. From the Report view you are prompted to select the date range for the Requests.

This report provides valuable information about the average time it takes you organization to close a request.

Use this report to review request performance during a specific time frame to assist in planning and budgeting for future work.

The report displays:

  • The number of requests completed in a selected date range, the average time duration to complete the request
  • The request must be closed.

Average Time To Complete a Request displays is in days and  hours, the report calculates the number of hours per request following the rules below.

The following are considered in the Average Time to Complete:

  • Request Issuey has information
  • Entry and Close Date must be within the Date Range selected
  • Breaks and lunch hours are not removed.
  • Requests must be Closed

The prompt for Requests starting from and Requests ending through; means the Entry Date and Close Date must be within the prompted for dates.


If the prompted dates are 5/28/16 – 6/02/16

The following requests are included:

  • 5/28/16 – 5/29/16
  • 5/30/16 - 6/1/16

The following requests are not included:

  • 5/27/16 – 5/29/16
  • 5/29/16 – 6/3/16

Run this report from the Report view and you are prompted to select the date range of requests to show.