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Average Activity Cost Report

Run this report from the Task List view or Report view.

  • The Task List report provides information on activities performed for selected tasks.
  • The Report View report provides information about individual activities and the number of tasks in the defined date range.

Use this report to review the impact an activity has on costs and resources for specific tasks. This information assists in planning and budgeting future work.

The report also includes activity costs for selected tasks or tasks in a specific date range:

  • Average Overall Cost
  • Average Labor Cost
  • Average Equipment Cost
  • Average Material Cost
  • Average Other Cost

Average cost per activity is calculated using all the tasks costs per activity, adding the costs and dividing it by the number of tasks.

The prompt for Tasks starting from and Tasks ending through; means the Start Date and Stop Date must be within the prompted for dates.


If the prompted dates are 5/28/12–6/02/12

The following tasks are included:

  • 5/28/12–5/29/12
  • 5/30/12-6/1/12

The following tasks are not included:

  • 5/27/12–5/29/12
  • 5/29/12–6/3/12