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Tasks Summary Report

This report provides a summary view of each task, its costs, and the assigned laborers.

This high-level information shows task cost, and the assigned laborers who may be able to provide additional details regarding the task.

The report displays for each task:

  • Basic information, such as activity, asset type, status, priority and start/stop dates
  • Task Labor, Equipment, Material, and Other costs
  • Total of the Labor, Equipment, Material, and Other costs
  • List and total of Labor assigned

The Cost of Labor, Equipment, Materials and Other is calculated reviewing the logs for the specific task.

Run this report from the Detail, List, or Report view. From the Report view, you are prompted to select the date range to show the tasks.

The prompt for Tasks starting from and Tasks ending through means the Start Date and Stop Date must be within the prompted-for dates.


If the prompted dates are 5/28/12–6/02/12

The following tasks are included:

  • 5/28/12–5/29/12
  • 5/30/12-6/1/12

The following tasks are included:

  • 5/27/12–5/29/12
  • 5/29/12–6/3/12