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Cartegraph Campus

Request Detail Report

This report provides a detailed view of Requests, including:

  • Basic information including ID, description, Owner, and Status.     
  • Task count—the total number of tasks created in a specified date range.     
  • Requesters—the total number of Call logs made for a Request.       
  • Total cost—the sum of the Labor, Equipment, Material, and Other costs.       
  • Individual Task details including ID, activity, asset, priority, status, and total cost. 
  • The Pagebreak Condition is set to True in the Properties for the Requests table.   

Run this report from the Index, Detail, and Reports views. From the Report view, you are prompted to select the date range to show the Requests.

The Cost of Labor, Equipment, Materials, and Other is calculated based on the Resource logs for the specific Request.