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Cartegraph Campus

About Requests

Requests are when citizens or a member of an organization asks for information or work to be performed.

  • Requests can be associated with more than one Task, but Tasks can only be associated with one Request.
  • Request entry is performed using the Create Request guided process.
  • Requests can be submitted from a specified person or anonymously.
  • Selecting an issue is required because it helps refine what is available in the guided process. When you select an issue the default department, priority, and Request with the same issue display.
  • An issue can be marked as No Location in the Issues Library. When a No Location Issue is selected no map displays. For example, Billing Question or General Information.
  • Anonymous must remain in the Requester library.
  • While creating a request all open and recently closed requests up to seven calendar days display on the map.

You can create requests in the Cartegraph One mobile app, but not the Cartegraph for iPad app.

This feature is not available in offline mode.