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Cartegraph Campus

Requests Security

In order to Create a Request, you need Create permissions for Requests, Requester Logs, and Requests Location. These permissions also give the user the ability to add Requesters to the Requesters library through the Create Request guided process.

Requesters can also be added to the Requesters library through Library Manager, but the user needs to be a Cartegraph Administrator to have access to this method.

If you do not have Update permissions to Requests, you cannot Add a Requester to an existing Request through the Create guided process. However, you can add a Requester to the Requester Log through the Request Detail page.

If changes are made to the No Location request grid, a security role cannot be assigned to the grid. All users will see the changes.

Cartegraph for iPad app supports Requests recordset-level permissions too. Additionally, it hides the Requests sidebar button if the user does not have permission to the Requests/List View.

This feature is not available in the Cartegraph for iPad Offline mode.