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About Fleet Management

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Fleet Management is a core feature of the Cartegraph Operations Management System. It introduces fleet managers and maintenance crews to methods of managing and maintaining vehicles and equipment. Use the Fleet Management features to create maintenance schedules, implement recurring maintenance tasks, gauge vehicle and equipment performance, and plan for replacements and repairs.

Vehicles and equipment are resources. But they’re assets, too. And they need the same regular maintenance and management as your other municipal assets. So we designed a smarter, easier way for you to manage them.

Preventative Maintenance

Plan, schedule proactively, and become familiar with the history of each piece in your fleet inventory. Schedule recurring maintenance tasks against single pieces or groups of equipment and fleet inventory.

Schedule maintenance tasks using Time and Usage triggers to occur at planned intervals and whenever vehicle or equipment hits a specific usage point.

Vehicle oil change every 3 months or every 3,000 miles.

Task Management

Cartegraph Fleet functionality is more than a scheduling tool. It gives every maintenance staff member visibility on the work in their department.

Built-in notifications inform staff of projected tasks, tasks in progress, and those that need to be done sooner rather than later.

When multiple tasks are applied to a single vehicle or piece of equipment, users can easily see if any other tasks are scheduled to make better, more proactive decisions when performing their work.


  • Odometer reading
  • Average daily usage
  • Miles per gallon (of fuel)


  • Hour meter
  • Average daily usage
  • Fuel/energy usage

Vehicle Replacement Rating (VRR)

Our Vehicle Replacement Rating is a points system that helps you identify the best time to retire or replace a vehicle.

  • VRR calculations give you a real-time gauge of purchase cost vs. maintenance cost, and what stage of the replacement a vehicle or piece of equipment is in.
  • Built-in VRR benchmarks are based on APWA industry-standard vehicle rating criteria.


  • Get immediate access to the most relevant cost and usage details of a given vehicle or piece of equipment.
  • Create reports detailing costs associated to each vehicle and piece of equipment.
  • Group and filter reports to ensure that departments are billed accurately.
  • Standard reports include:
  • Equipment Billing By Department
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Vehicle Replacement Rating