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Labor Crew Setup

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at


The ability to create and update Labor Crews on the Resources page is based on Labor Crews permissions in Security Assignments and Command Permissions.  You do not need special permissions to view labor crews for task assignments or time sheets.

By default Labor Crews are not available unless the permissions are set.

  1. Click iAdministration_sm.png>Role Administration.
  2. Hover on the role you want to have Labor Crew permissions and click iView.png.
  3. Click Security Settings.
  4. Click the Resources tab.
  5. Select the Labor Crew option.
  6. For the Screen Assignments section, List, Detail, and Crew Members, select Cartegraph Default or <None>.
  7. For the Security Assignments section, you can create, update, or delete labor crews, attachments, crew members, or labor crew reports. If you check the boxes in the Security Assignments row, the entire column below it updates to match your selection. You can then check individual boxes that are exceptions.
  8. Use the Command Permissions section to permit or deny permissions for exporting to CSV, linking/uploading attachments, running reports, setting a primary attachment, and sharing layers.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Close.