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Location, Location, Location: The Key to Advanced Material Management

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While location is not the only feature of Advanced Material Management, it is core to all the functionality. Do you store materials in multiple warehouses? Are you struggling to keep materials in your mobile locations up to capacity? Is it taking too much time to reorder materials? If you can relate to any or all of these questions, Advanced Material Management may be for you. Here are three reasons why:

1. The ability to manage multiple locations

With Advanced Material Management, you can easily manage all of your locations — including mobile locations. View key information about each location: how many materials are stored there, the value of that material, the count of stagnant parts, the quantity on hand, etc. Use the built-in Transfer and Bulk Transfer tools to keep your warehouses and mobile units stocked at all times.

2. Access to helpful material data

See a complete picture of your material management details. Use the Materials tab to see how many gallons of motor oil you have in stock globally and how many are at any one location. Check the comparison chart to see how material use is trending over time.

3. Fast and easy ordering

Step 1. Choose the location you’re ordering for. 
Step 2. Pick the appropriate vendor.
Step 3. Click the Generate Order button.
Step 4. When your materials arrive, open the order.
Step 5. Validate the quantities and click the Receive button.