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Material Location Data in Materials Detail View

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at

If your organization has Advanced Resources, the Log section of Materials is renamed to Locations and additionally displays Material Location data. The section data is broken into two parts: summary metrics and chart and log records.

Access the data display options in the metrics/chart and the logs. The default view is all Locations. You can choose to filter the data to a single location. The selected location does not persist by user.

The summary metrics include:

  • Value of Stock is the value of the remaining stock on hand at the location selected in the dropdown. If the material is a non-stock material, the value is 0.
  • Quantity on Hand is the sum of the quantity on hand for the material at the location selected in the dropdown. If the material is a non-stock material, the value is 0.
  • Average Monthly Usage is the sum of all material used at the location selected in the dropdown, divided by the number of months the material was used, up to 24 months. If the material has not been used on a task, the value is 0.
  • Estimated Days to Reorder is the Quantity on Hand minus the Reorder Point, divided by the average daily use of the material, all relative to the location selected in the dropdown. If the Average Monthly Usage is zero or the material is not a stocked material, then Estimated Days to Reorder displays NA.

The chart:

  • Shows the usage of material over the past 24 months, filtered by the location dropdown.
  • Defaults to show data for all locations.
  • The green line is the past twelve months, the blue line is the twelve months previous to those, which helps visualize monthly trends.
  • The current month is always the far right green data point.
  • Chart has a scroll bar at the top to limit the number of months shown in the chart at a time.
    • The handles of the scroll bar can be brought in from each side and the entire bar can then be scrolled from side to side to change the display of months. For example, slide the scroll bar in from each side to limit the display to 6 months at a time. The bar can then be scrolled from left to right to see the desired 6-month span.
    • Show All displays in the top corner of the chart when the scroll bar has limited the display. Clicking the icon restores the chart to display all months.
  • A tooltip on hover displays the usage for the month and the usage for the month one year before.
  • A chart legend shows the last year and the current year.
    • If you hover over a year in the legend that year will highlight in the chart and the other year will be diminished in the view so that just the highlighted year is the focus of the chart.
    • You can select a year in the legend to remove the year completely from display in the chart.
  • Chart Export Button:
    • May be downloaded as a JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF
    • Data may be saved as CSV or JSON
    • Can annotate the chart
    • Print the chart

The logs show a record of all stock transactions, transfers, increase and decrease adjustments and usage records for the material. The selected columns, column arrangement, and sorts persist per user. The record display change as location changes on the list. The default is to show logs for all locations.