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Create a Stock Material Record

Create a Stock Material record for tracking inventory quantities and costs. For this example, we are creating a record for Motor Oil.

  1. Click Resources.
  2. Add a Material layer.
  3. Click Create.
  4. In the Description field, enter Motor Oil 5W30.
  5. Enter Material details.

Set the Default Usage Quantity and unit to 4 qts to speed up resource entry.

  1. Fill in the Inventory Control fields to assist with cost calculation and ordering.
  2. Leave the Stock Item selected.
  3. Click Finish & Save.

The material record displays in the Detail view.

Add a Stock Transaction

In order to use a stock material record on a task, the material must have quantity on hand. To add quantity on hand, a stock transaction action is performed.

  1. In the Material Detail view, click Actions>Stock.
  2. Enter the date the material was added to inventory.

If using Advanced Materials, select the Location the material was stocked in.

  1. Enter the Quantity and unit.

A stock material is used in similar units as it is stocked. For example, oil is stocked in gallons and it can be used in gallons, quarts, or fluid ounces.

  1. Enter the Price Per Unit.
  2. The Cost is calculated from the Quantity and Price.

 Select the Vendor the material was ordered from.

 Enter a Purchase Order number.

 Enter any notes.

  1. Click Save.

The Quantity on Hand and Value of Stock are updated.