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About Inventory Fields

These fields help in determining whether a material is ready for Ordering for a location or a material is below the minimum amount to get refilled. Set these fields for each material from the location page.

These fields are:

  • Reorder Point: a point after which material is ready to be ordered for a location.
  • Reorder Amount: default amount to order when reorder point is past.
  • Minimum Amount: minimum threshold set after which to refill the truck.

Each Stock material should be stocked at a location.

For example, Lead is stocked at East warehouse and West warehouse.

The Reorder Point is set at 5 lb for East warehouse while 9 lb for West warehouse; lead at West warehouse gets used more than East warehouse.

The Reorder Amount is set at 25 lb and 45 lb respectively.

Once the material's quantity on hand falls below the reorder point. For example, quantity-on-hand is 4 lb for East and 8 lb for West warehouse, these materials display on the Ordering screen with Reorder amount defaulted to 25 lb and 45 lb respectively.

Setting them from the material page wouldn’t work because materials at a different location could have different values for these.