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About Materials

Materials are the supplies used to do tasks in your organization. As you enter the materials used on a Task the cost is calculated.

  • Enter an unlimited number of Material logs records.
  • If a material has any default settings, those values display when added as a resource.
  • On the Material detail view with Advanced Resources are used, the Locations section shows just locations where the material is stocked. The display can be filtered by location.
  • A material can be added more than once a day on a Task with the same or different price per unit.
  • Valid dates for entry are the Task’s Actual Start Date and Actual Stop Date time span. Estimated dates are not considered.
  • The Entry Date is used for material inventory calculations.
  • Used log entries removed from Time sheets are disassociated from the task. An increase adjustment is made with the log's quantity and price per unit. A note is added to the increased adjustment similar to Record added as a systems correction for a deleted transaction.
  • Set a default usage quantity for faster resource entry on a task.

Stock Items

One method of tracking materials is to mark them as stock items. This allows you to keep track of the value of your inventory, track the quantities to know when to reorder, and costs are automatically calculated.

  • To use a Stock Item material on a Task, the material quantity on hand must be at least the amount used.
  • If a material is marked as a Stock Item, and a Material log entry is added or removed, a quantity-on-hand adjustment is made.
  • If the organization is using the Advanced Resources extension, then Material Location is required when entering a stocked Material.
  • If a Primary Vendor Price Quote exists, it is used when stocking the material.
  • When used on in tasks quantity on hand is adjusted, as is the cost of the task.

Non-Stock Items

The second method for tracking materials is called non-stock. 

  • This allows the system to use materials where the quantities are difficult to track. For example, salt used for snow.
  • If Price Quotes exist, they can be used while adding non-stock materials to a task.

Delete Materials

  • If a material has never been used, it can be deleted.
  • If a stock material is stocked, increased, decreased, removed from all locations, not associated with a task, and has a quantity on hand of zero, it can be deleted.
  • If materials are associated with a task, they cannot be deleted. If you want to discontinue use of a material, inactivate it instead.