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About Resources

Resource management is designed to show you how your time and money are being spent. Track labor, equipment, materials, and vendor information—including details, rate, and history. Apply these resources to your work activities for accurate cost accounting. Enter details through the time sheet or by using the Distribute Resources command. All entries are recorded in the Resources log. 


  • Track the time spent by the people doing the work.
  • Create a labor record for each user in the system. This record will be used when assigning tasks and logging time on those tasks. Associate the laborer to their user account.
  • Create a labor crew to simplify adding groups of laborers. Add a crew of laborers and lost time spent for each individual.
  • View the details of each labor record.
  • A minimum of one standard labor rate is required for each labor record. Others can be added based on specific needs, like holiday and overtime.
  • Labor assignments can be added at different points throughout the system:


  • Track the tools used to get the job done.
  • View the details of each equipment record.
  • Create equipment rates for accurate cost calculations.
  • Use VRR to understand the best time to replace your vehicles.
  • Use Fleet Management to complete preventative maintenance, reduce downtime, and extend the life of your vehicles.


  • Track the supplies used to complete tasks.
  • Add stock materials to the system.
  • View the details for each material record.
  • Follow the recommended inventory methods.
  • Material unit types are set for each type of material to help track quantities. For example, gallons for paint and feet for rope.
  • Adjust material quantity on hand.
  • As you enter materials on tasks and work orders, your inventory adjusts.
  • Set notifications when supplies are running low.
  • If the enterprise advanced feature license was purchased, Material Location and Material Order are also available in the Resources section.


  • Track preferred vendors detailed cost tracking on materials.
  • View the details of each vendor record.
  • Track vendor quotes in the system.

Resources Log

Labor, Equipment, Materials, and Other have a log recordset. The Log recordset tracks the usage, time frame, and cost for that specific resource. Task and the Work Order costs are calculated based on the individual Resource log entries.