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Vendor Price Quotes

Price Quotes is a feature under Vendors that is designed to track prices of materials, including where you can purchase them, how much they cost, and how long that price is valid. Cartegraph stores all of your price quotes, past and present, so you can reference them any time you need to order materials.

Vendor price quotes are tracked over a date range. All quotes include an Effective On date and an Expiration date, which mark the time frame of their validity. They also include which vendor the quote came from, the quote amount, whether it is your primary vendor for the item, and other information.

For example, you may have a price quote from ABC Supply on signposts for $22.50/ea, effective on 7/1/14 and expiring on 6/30/15. When you receive your quote for the following fiscal year, you can enter a new quote for ABC Supply from 7/1/15 through 6/30/16 for $23.25/ea. You can do this with quotes from multiple vendors. This allows you to keep a history of price quotes, as well as a list of other vendors who offer the same post if ABC Supply were to run out of inventory.

On every price quote, you have the option to mark it as the Primary Vendor. This function will work differently for stock items and non-stock items:

Stock Item Materials

When you enter a Stock Transaction, Cartegraph will pull the primary vendor price based on the date the material is stocked. As the material is used on tasks, it will be priced based on the Inventory Method.

Non-Stock Item Materials

With non-stock items, the primary vendor price gets pulled into the resource entry sheet of the task based on the time frame of the quote. Materials will be priced the same as the quote as long as the quote does not expire. If you change the vendor and there is a valid price quote for that vendor, the price will update.

If you use a non-stock material from vendor, but the price per unit is different, you can overwrite the price per unit. For example, your organization receives its spray paint from Ace Hardware and you have a vendor price quote entered with a price per unit of $3.20. A laborer or labor crew runs out of spray paint, and stops by the local Ace Hardware and purchases spray paint for $3.50 per can. When they enter the materials into the time sheet, Ace Hardware is selected as the vendor, but the price per unit must be overwritten from $3.20 to $3.50.