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About Filters

  • Filters make working with your data easier by limiting the records available.
  • Display only the information you need to see on a daily basis or as needed.
  • Use filters in calculations, maps, reports, or on a mobile device.
  • View only the tasks scheduled for today. Or all the assets on a street. Or all of the stop signs with wood support installed before March 2008.
  • Create filters from the layer panel, Advanced Filter dialog box, or Syntax view.
  • Filters are made up of criteria lines that select specific records. Criteria have three parts:
    • Field is the field you want to use.
    • Operator is the comparison made to the value in the selected field and varies by type of field.
    • Value is used to select records based on user input when the filter is activated and stored either in the filter or as a prompt for the value.
  • All alphanumeric and special characters are allowed.
  • Criteria groups only use AND or OR to connect criteria lines in Advanced Filters.
  • Separate criteria groups with AND or OR in Advanced Filters.
  • Prompts are not allowed in the Syntax view.
  • Any empty criteria lines in the Advanced Filter dialog box disappear after activating the filter.
  • Each line in the filter is a selection process. More lines mean more criteria and fewer records selected.
  • Once you activate a filter:
    • The system compares record contents to the criteria starting with the top filter line down.
    • If a record meets the criteria, it displays in the list view.
    • If it takes longer than 30 seconds to load, a message displays and the data does not display.