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Syntax for Automations

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Syntax Mode in Automations is available in two main areas; applying filters and setting field values.

Filters can be defined in these blocks:

  • Aggregate block
  • Condition block
  • Loop Records block

Refer to Filter Syntax Properties for guidance on syntax properties.

Blocks where users can set field values:

  • Create Task block
  • Create Record block
  • Set Fields block
  • Update Fields block

Refer to Functions in Syntax View for additional information about available functionality. In Automation Manager, calculations cannot be performed using Quantity fields.

Unique to Automations, fields in syntax mode are represented in the following format: [BlockID|FieldID]

  • BlockID
    • Represents the ID of the block
    • Block IDs are a series of numbers prefixed with wf-. For example, wf-1491421979758. The only exception is the Trigger record whose ID is the event source
    • To identify the ID of a block, use a field from that block in a Condition block and switch to syntax mode. In syntax mode, you are about to view the ID of the block as well as the ID of the field.
  • FieldID
    • Represents the ID of the field as reflected in Structure Manager. For example, Status, EnteredBy, StartDateActual.

The only area in Automations where this format differs is when extending the filter on the Trigger. In that case, the BlockID is not necessary since the only referenceable fields are ones from the Trigger record itself. Similar to syntax mode in other areas of Cartegraph, use only the [FieldID]. Keep in mind, case matters. Make sure the field IDs are cased correctly, matching as they display in Structure Manager.

Automation Syntax Examples

  • Reference a Trigger record field in any block: [eventsource|Status]
  • Reference a Get Record field in any block: [wf-1491421979758|Status]
  • Reference a Trigger record field in Trigger filter: [Status]
  • Reference a value returned from an Aggregate block: [wf-1491421979758]
  • Append a Note instead of overwriting it (set the Note field value to itself plus additional text): (([wf-1492016233038|Notes] + " Task completed by Automation"))