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About Layer Color

Each layer in the Layer panel is assigned a color to help identify the layer’s records on the map. This feature is available only for layers with a Map view.

As layers are added in the layer panel color is assigned based on the default color or saved color. For Cartegraph Default Asset layers, the initial color is the Asset’s default color. For Work Orders, Tasks, and Requests Default layers, layers cycle through 13 default colors automatically assigned as the layer is added. For saved layers, the color is saved with the layer. Change the color by clicking on the color indicator.

If a record belongs to more than one layer, the record displays the layer color closest to the top of the Layer panel. For example, Record 123 belongs to Layer 1 and Layer 4. In the Layer panel, from the top layers are in this order: Layer 4—blue, Layer 3—yellow, Layer 2—green, and Layer 1—orange. Record 123’s map-symbol color is blue.