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About Map View

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

The Map view displays the location of Assets, Requests, Tasks, and Work Orders with associated Tasks, if the record has a location specified. This allows you to visually track every part of your day-to-day operations.

  • The Map view uses Esri maps and their different view types. For example, imagery and street.
  • The Map view and List view work together to display the records in the List view with locations.
  • If more than one map symbol is at the location you click, the Multiple Record mini-map tip displays, allowing you to scroll through each record at that location.
  • Click any map symbol to view a Mini-Map tip identifying the record.
  • In the Mini-Map tip, click View to go to the Detail view of the selected record.
  • In the Mini-Map tip, click  to view a summary of the record in the Summary tip.
  • Work Order Summary tips display the Work Order Details and Work Order Task information.
  • Task Summary tips display the Task detail and Asset detail if the Task is associated to an asset.
  • Asset Summary tips display some Asset detail.
  • When too many records are in one area of the map,  displays in the map view. with a message that not all records are displayed in the map. Zoom in or add a filter to decrease the number of records to display.
  • The currently selected record displays on the map in magenta.
  • When Map view is zoomed into specific records click Map Filter to display the records in List view.  When Map filter is cleared the List view displays the previous records.
  • In the Address Search field, enter an address or longitude/latitude coordinates. A suggestion list opens as you type. Press the Enter key to move the map pin to the location specified in the search field or select the desired suggestion in the list to move the map pin to that location.
  • If you have selected one or more layers associated with buildings, the Building and Floor selectors display. Select the check box next to the Building selector to activate the selector filtering.

If anything is highlighted in the suggestion list, press the ENTER key to use the highlighted selection in the suggestion list.

  • Click X in the search field to close the suggestion list and clear the search field. Examples of supported longitude/latitude coordinates for the World Geocode service, which is the default geolocation service. Leading zeroes are optional:
    • W90.641988 N42.491288
    • W90.641988, N42.491288
    • -090.641988 042.491288
    • -90.641988, 42.491288
    • This is an example of supported longitude/latitude coordinates for an alternative Esri locator, -90.641988, 42.491288
  • Click Current Location  to center the map to your location.
  • Click Print Map    to print the map currently displayed.
  • Use the Selection Tool iSelection to draw a polygon around map symbols to select a group of records. The shape must be a polygon, and the lines of the polygon cannot cross. The records selected in the map display as selected in the List view. Click one of the map symbols to scroll to that record in the list.
  • To clear the selection, clear all selections in the List view or clear and reselect the layer in the Layer panel.

If you have an ArcGIS Named User License, these features are also available: