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About Spatial Analysis

This feature requires an ArcGIS identity.

When using the map in the Assets page in Cartegraph, select assets based on a set of spatial or attribute queries run against other Cartegraph Asset layers and/or Esri layers in the map. The Spatial Analysis tool is available when Cartegraph is authenticated with ArcGIS Online or with Portal for ArcGIS configured with Data Store. For more information about ArcGIS Data Store see to:  The signed in Cartegraph user also needs an Esri role with certain privileges to perform analysis:

Target Layer

  • The Target layer must be an active Cartegraph layer that contains at least one record with a location.
  • The analysis returns records that are in the Target layer.

Analysis Layers

  • All active Cartegraph asset layers can be used in the analysis as long as they contain at least one record with a location.
  • Esri layers available for analysis come from the current map.
    • Any layers in the map that support the analysis capability can be used.
    • If the current map does not have any layers, then no Esri layers are available in the analysis. For example, the Streets map.
    • The logged in user must have access to the layer, based on the corresponding Esri Authentication.
    • For more information on which layers are supported in the analysis refer to
  • Web Feature Services (WFS) layers are not supported in Cartegraph.
  • Living Atlas
    • The Living Atlas contains a set of free layers that are part of the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.
    • To limit the number of maps available based on your current map extent, select the Within map area check box.
    • To add a layer to your map temporarily, select the Add layer to map check box.


Analysis Results

The returned records are selected on the map and the index list.

  • A maximum of 2,500 results can be selected in the List view. If more results are returned, a message displays the returned results count.
  • Esri returns a maximum of 9,999 results.

To limit the results of the analysis to only the assets within the map window, select the Use current map extent check box.

If the Map Filter is turned on in the Cartegraph map, the Use current map extent option cannot be cleared.


The Spatial Analysis feature consumes Esri credits. Use the layer filters and map filter to decrease the number of records in the layer to lower the consumption of credits. See Esri documentation for specifics: