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Cartegraph Campus

Map and Location Security

The following points describe the effect of role security setting for the Map view and Location.

Deny Create:

The map displays during the create process, but the Add Location button is removed.

The Detail view displays, and if the asset has no location, the Add Location button is removed.

Deny Update:

The Edit button displays and the user cannot interact with the map geometry. For example, the user cannot move the pin location or modify shape for linear or poly assets.

Deny Delete:

The Clear button displays and an error message displays on Save if geometry defined for the record.

Deny Update and Delete:

The Edit button is removed from the Map view and the Add Location button displays as appropriate.

Allow Create:

To create a record with a location the role needs Create permissions for both the recordset and the recordset’s Location.

Allow Update:

To Create, Update, or Delete the geometry of an existing record the role must have Update permissions on the recordset.

Allow Delete:

To delete a record with geometry the role needs to only have Delete permissions to the record. Do not need Delete permissions for Location.

The Task map view on the Work Order Detail view is not affected by Location security on Tasks or Work Orders because you cannot change a Task’s geometry at this place in Cartegraph and continues to work as usual.