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Cartegraph Campus

Some Records Are Not Displayed on the Map

There may be times when the records you have in the List view do not display in the Map view. 

  • When viewing a Map, if this indicator 2018-04-19_1335.png displays in the bottom-left corner of the Map view, this means there are too many records on the map for all to display.
  • A message displays with the icon, in the expanded state, explaining how to zoom in on the map or adjust a filter to show fewer records.
  • Click 2018-04-19_1335.png to expand or collapse the message.
  • When the message is collapsed it remains collapsed for the signed in user, until it is expanded or the next time the user signs In to Cartegraph.
  • This warning does not display in these areas:
    • The Open Work gadget map in the Classic dashboard
    • The Create Request map
    • Cartegraph for iPad
    • Cartegraph One

The map still limits the number of records displayed on the map in these areas, when necessary.