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About Inactive Records

The default setting for all records in recordsets and libraries is Active or having the Inactive check box cleared. There are several reasons you may want to mark a record as Inactive. For example, a labor record that should no longer be used cannot be deleted if it is referenced by task records. The labor record may be marked as Inactive to prevent further use of the record. When a record is marked Inactive, it no longer displays in lists. Another example is to inactivate library records that are no longer needed. Likewise, the user may have a reason to reactivate a record that was previously marked Inactive. Inactive user accounts should only be deleted if approved by your organization's IT department. 

The Inactive field displays by default on all library detail records but does not display by default for recordset detail records such as assets or resource. In detail records for recordsets, the Inactive field would need to be added to the form in Layout Manager. In lists, the Column Selector can be used to display the field.

This is a default field on Labor, Equipment, Material, Material Location, and Vendor detail records.

The Retire task and Inactive field impact records differently.

  • Retire is a task activity performed on an asset. Once the task is completed the Retire Date field is populated. The Retire Date field is read-only.
  • Marking a record Inactive prevents the record from displaying in a lookup list. This setting is available for all record types.
  • Retired records never sync between Cartegraph and Esri. See Cartegraph and Esri Synchronization in Cartegraph Help.